Following just a few simple steps, you can have your own branded app ready in no time. 

What is AppsForMedDoctors? is Lexington Creative’s line of low cost apps for small business owners. These apps come with a broad range of options and features. Whether you’re running a bike shop, a dance studio, a newsagent, a homewares store or a cafe – you can customize the app to make it perfect for your business. It’s as simple as choosing and customizing available options and then also adding your business’ name, details, products, logo and colour scheme.

What if I want to design my own great app completely from scratch with a range of extra features?

We can help you there too! For a fully customised app designed from scratch exactly as you want it, please visit Lexington Creative’s main site and obtain a quote.

Why do I need an app?

If you’re lucky, you’re still at the stage in your industry and local market where competitors haven’t yet adopted apps – so getting an app gives you a first mover advantage, makes life easier for customers which makes your business more appealing. However, it is getting to a stage where competitors are already adopting apps themselves – in this case you need an app to compete on a level playing field.

In both situations there is one big additional advantage of having an app – countering the move towards online shopping by beating online shopping at its own game. You can provide your small business/shop with all the functionality of online shopping, but in the customer’s hand, allowing the customer to browse your shop and then buy at your shop as well.


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